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Sunday Brunch

Sunday brunch is a tradition of Creole New Orleans, dating from the time when the French aristocrats dined in leisurely elegance, when breakfast was served on the patio amidst the soft rustle of exotic plants, a refreshing breeze from palmetto fans, and the romantic aroma of Magnolia blossoms. 

Many historians of the region have written that brunch  was most likely inspired by the European idea of "second breakfasts" and was brought to New Orleans by the aristocratic settlers of the area.  Brunch evolved to it's modern form in 19th century New Orleans.   The addition of Jazz came about in the mid 1900's and evolved to today's Sunday Jazz Brunches which exist all over the city of New Orleans and have spread to being a fixture of Sunday dining all over the world.

Now you can recapture the essence of this tradition.  Start your brunch with an 'eye-opener' that will awaken you and your appetite.  Follow with an unhurried brunch with a wine of your choice.   And, for the finale have one of New Orleans' famous desserts and chicory coffee.

Sunday Brunch is meant to be enjoyed with conversation and fellowship among friends and family.  Take your time.  Create something that our society seldom does in these days. ...make a Sunday an event to remember.