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Lunch Specials

We had a different lunch special every day.  Sometimes they were fancy, sometimes simple.  Could be as simple as a soup and salad special all they way up to Jambalaya.   It depended on the season and how I felt about the weeks menu when I was planning ahead.   

Our lunch specials were eclectic.  I love to cook dishes from around the world.  I  once had  a customer tell me that every time she had one of my lunch specials she felt like she had traveled to another country.   I took that as a great compliment.

I've included a variety of our lunch specials  in this section, but  you will find dishes that were served as lunch specials throughout this website.  Some are easier to make than others but you can bet they are all yummy.

Enjoying a meal with friends and family is as important to nutrition as what is eaten.