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Hizzoner's Deli was an institution in Bellingham.  Opened in 1980 when the Civic Center Building was built, it was on the Government square with the Courthouse, City Hall and The Library.  It served city and county workers, library staff, people who did business with the City and County and the public in general.   Originally it was a cafeteria-style soup and sandwich deli and, after the original owners sold it, the deli went through several hands before I showed up in 1994.

Once I took over we updated the interior, cleaned up the decor and changed Hizzoner's from its outdated cafeteria style to a full service casual cafe.  We offered full breakfast and lunch with a widely varied menu and Hizzoner's became, once again, an institution and favorite place in Bellingham.

In the time since Hizzoner's closed permanently, I've seen former customers all over the mall, Costco, grocery stores, shopping centers and events.   Invariably, they lament to me of the loss of their Deli and their favorite things to eat.


So........ I decided to do this Web Cook Book.  In it you will find your favorites from Hizzoner's, plus I've thrown in a bunch of my favorite things to enjoy as well.  All the recipes can be printed or downloaded, there are a few that are "specialties".    I hope you enjoy your stroll through memory lane and your re-creation of our favorites right in your own kitchen. 

I'll be adding recipies on a regular basis, so check back often to see what's new. 

Cooking Tips

I've  i
ncluded a section of cooking tips and tricks of the trade because, even when you follow a recipe, there are things that I did, and you can do, to get that  'just right'  flavor you remember.    You can find out more here.


Sitara's Southern Comforts

Being Southern born I cooked a lot of Southern dishes and, having lived in New Orleans for many  years  I did a New Orleans Sunday Brunch for a few years. It was very popular but expensive to do and we had to shut it down
.  People still ask me about the food we served for those Sunday Brunches.  Some of those brunch favorites are here.   I did many lunch 'specials', a different special every day, and lots of them were Cajun and Creole recipes from New Orleans or Southern comfort foods.   I had to educate people, at first, about the difference between Creole and Cajun dishes and Southern cooking in general, but after the first bite everyone was hooked.   I've included those favorite 'specials' and some of my own personal recipe favorites as well.


I'm including links on some of the recipe pages to help you find ingredients that may not be available at your local market.

I'll update this site frequently and add recipes, tips, and product deals that I've found,.  Come back often to see what's new!!  So...browse around, find your favorites and some new things.   Give them a try and let me know how they came out!